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Client outcomes

This report demonstrates the Standard Client Outcomes Reporting (SCORE) assessments being reported by organisations.

Create and manage outlets

This module will discuss how to create and manage outlets. In the Data Exchange an outlet is defined as: "the location from where a service is primarily being delivered."

End of reporting period

This webinar provides information on the foundations of poor and good quality data along with the current process to request the system be re-opened after the close off date.

Exploration Menu

In all of the reports, there are a number of functions which can change how the reports look. This can be useful when building a story or to help make analysing data easier. These changes can be applied to any visualisation in Qlik including graphs, charts and tables.

Export the story

A story will need to be exported before it can be printed or played outside of the Data Exchange application.


Data Exchange reports allow you to filter data by selecting items from the available objects on the report sheet.

Find and edit a case video

Information on updating cases, finding a case, search area fields, results section, and ending a case.