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Data Exchange reports - video transcript

The Data Exchange offers a range of self service reports that give a picture of short and long-term outcomes for clients, across programs.

The reports share de-identified data that inform business planning and provide insights into program delivery and policy development.

What are the reports, and how can organisations use them?

The Organisation Overview report is a one-stop overview of an organisation’s service delivery that is available for all service providers. This report can give a picture of service delivery over time. For example, you can see which services are being accessed most frequently, or whether their client groups are changing.

If organisations deliver services across the country, they can see which states are experiencing higher client or session counts, and which states are experiencing fewer client or session count.

Organisations participating in the partnership approach submit outcomes data and have access to additional reports, such as the Resource planning report. This report helps predict trends to help with future planning of resources.

For example, organisations can see whether client numbers have increased in line with the introduction of new services.

The Service Footprint report shows where clients live compared to where services are being delivered. For example, are clients or staff having to travel long distances to access or deliver services?

The Community Profile report gives a comprehensive snapshot of communities. It’s useful because organisations can compare serviced regions with their demographic data.

For example, when Tropical Cyclone Debbie affected communities in southeast Queensland and northern NSW in 2017, the Data Exchange provided information to emergency management and relief service about funded services and their office locations in the affected areas.

It also gave information about how many Australians were likely to be affected by the loss of services.

The Client Outcomes report looks at fluctuations in clients’ outcomes over time. For example, looking at outcomes for clients across different Circumstances, Goals and Satisfaction domains, are they improving or decreasing over time?

The Data Exchange reports share valuable and useful information so that organisations and service providers continually ensure that services are effective and relevant for their clients.

It’s about making sure the lifetime wellbeing of all Australians is maintained and improved for years to come.


This video will provide information on the self-service Data Exchange reports. What the reports are and how organisations use them.

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