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  • Adding a Case in the Data Exchange
  • Hi there, welcome to our video on how to add a case in the Data Exchange web-based portal
  • Adding a case is simple. This quick video will show you how to add a case in the Data Exchange web-based portal
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To begin you will need to log into the Data Exchange web-based portal.

From the Data Exchange web-based portal home page select add a case.

The first screen displayed captures case details. The fields marked with a red asterisks are mandatory and must be completed before you can move to the next screen.

The first field is the case ID field. This is an optional field. If you have your own case ID numbering system, you can enter in your own case ID or the name of the local activity you are delivering. It is very important not to include any information that could identify clients. Alternatively, this field can be left blank and a case ID will be created at the end of this process.

The next field is the outlet field. Here you need to select from the drop down menu the primary outlet this case is being delivered from. In this example, we are going to select Penguin Primary.

The third field is which program activity you are delivering the case under. In this example, we are going to select Reconnect.

Once a program activity has been selected, the total number of unidentified clients associated with the case field will display. In this field, you can record how many unidentified clients may attend your session. This can be used to record large group activities where it is not possible to identify all attendees. If the case relates to clients who you can identify, leave this field at 0. In this example, we will leave the field at 0.

The last field is the Attendance profile field. Here you can select the relationship between the clients who have been attached to the case. If only one person is attached to the case then no option would be selected. In this example, we have selected family.

We can now select the next button to move to the next page.

The attach clients page will now display.

On this screen you will need to select which Clients are associated with the case. This can be done by searching for clients in the top half of the screen or by selecting the relevant client from the results section in the lower half of the screen. The results can be filtered by selecting one of the heading titles. For example, we could filter by date of birth. In this example, we are going to search for the family name of Jones. Under the results section we are going to select Emily Jones, Zoe Jones, James Jones and Sarah Jones as our clients.

Once you have selected the clients to be associated with your case, click on the Attach Selected Clients button. This will then attach these selected clients to the case and display at the bottom of the page under clients attached to the case section.

Once you have selected all clients you can select the next button.

The review screen will now display.

This page will show the case details and the clients attached to the case. If any of these details are incorrect, you can select the back button to go to the previous screens to make changes.

If you wish to exit adding a case, you can select the cancel button and the case will not be created.

If you have reviewed the information and want to create a case, select Submit.

The Add a case finish screen will now display with a summary of the case and clients attached.

A message will appear at the top of the page advising that the case has been successfully created and that a session must be added for the clients to be counted in reports.

At the bottom of the case record there is a ‘what can you do now’ section. This provides a list of common options including adding a session to this case and adding another client to this case. You can select one of these options if you wish to complete one of these actions, alternatively you can return to the Data Exchange home page.

  • You have now successfully added a case in the Data Exchange
  • For more information go to the Data Exchange website at
  • Or contact the Helpdesk by phone or email
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  • Thank you for watching


What a case is, adding a case, referral and source reasons, and special data entry fields.

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