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  • End of Reporting Period

    The July to December reporting period is about to close. Organisations have until 30 January 2019 to enter their data for this period. We encourage organisations to ensure they have made plans to meet the reporting cut-off date. Once the reporting period closes, organisations are unable to submit their data without the approval of a system re-opening request.

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Report Updates

Recently we revised many of the Data Exchange reports through enhancements and changes. Report contents have been tailored for screen resolutions of 1680×1050 and 1920×1080. However, when using a…

Helpdesk End of Year Availability

As we get ready for the Department’s close-down period, we’d like to advise you that the Helpdesk will not be available from 12:30pm on the…

Update to Protocols

The Data Exchange Protocols have been updated to reflect the 19 August 2018 Data Exchange system enhancements and changes to the SCORE framework. Details of…

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The Data Exchange represents the Department of Social Services’ new approach to grants program reporting. It reflects a two-way focus on a smarter and more efficient way of collecting data from service providers, and a more useful reporting back of data about the outcomes achieved for individuals, families, and their communities.