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  • Update on the Client Outcomes report

    Work is nearing completion on revising this report, to make sure that it can best reflect the enhancements to the system which were made in August. We will let you know when the report is ready to go live again. In the meantime, you can continue to check, add and update your client outcome assessments via the Data Exchange portal. Please see the two SCORE assessment task cards available on the training resources page for step-by step assistance, or you can access previously recorded webinars on both outcomes and reports via the Webinar Library. More information on the system enhancements and on the Data Exchange reports is available on the Training resources and Self-Service Reports pages of this website.

Latest Updates

Revision of Protocols Appendices A & B

The “Program activity guidance” and “Service type matrix” documents were updated on 20 August 2018. Minor changes to the SCORE framework are reflected in the outcome domains…

Updates to Task cards

System enhancements to the web-based portal have now occurred. The Task cards have been updated to reflect the enhancements and can be found on the…

Tips for protecting clients privacy

Now that we have completed the January to June reporting period, and have already started work on the July to December period, organisations are reminded…

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The Data Exchange represents the Department of Social Services’ new approach to grants program reporting. It reflects a two-way focus on a smarter and more efficient way of collecting data from service providers, and a more useful reporting back of data about the outcomes achieved for individuals, families, and their communities.