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There are specific IT requirements for the Data Exchange including the upcoming system enhancements.

Register to find out more at the upcoming ‘Data Exchange IT webinar’ being held on Wednesday, 20 June.


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Updates to Protocols Appendices A & B

Revised versions of the “Service type matrix” and “Program activity guidance” documents have been published on the Policy-Guidance page. Changes include the addition of new…

System enhancements coming in August 2018

You can find out about these system changes and other improvements by attending our webinar on Thursday 12 April 2018, starting at 11:30 am (AEST).…

Revised guidance documents

Updated versions of the “Service type matrix” (Appendix A) and “Program activity guidance” (Appendix B) are now available via the Policy/Guidance tab. Please click on…

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The Data Exchange represents the Department of Social Services’ new approach to grants program reporting. It reflects a two-way focus on a smarter and more efficient way of collecting data from service providers, and a more useful reporting back of data about the outcomes achieved for individuals, families, and their communities.