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Add a case

This module will discuss how to add a case. A case is the first step in recording service delivery information within the Data Exchange.

Add a case video

What a case is, adding a case, referral and source reasons, and special data entry fields.

Add a client

This module will discuss how to add a client. In the Data Exchange the term client is defined as an “individual who receives a service as part of a funded activity that is expected to lead to a measureable individual outcome”.

Add a session

What a session is, adding a session, entering session details, adding clients and support persons to the session, copying a session, record referrals to other services, and special data entry fields.

Add a session

This module will discuss how to add a session. A session records what service was delivered on a particular date within a reporting period, the type of service delivered and which clients attended.

Add a snapshot

Add snapshots of the image items such as graphs, pie charts and line charts found in the Data Exchange reports to build a story.

Add a user

This module will discuss how to add a user to your organisation. As an Administrator you are responsible for adding other users from your organisation to be able to access and use the Data Exchange.

Add animations

Add animations to your story by using the Effects library. These visual effects can only be used on bar charts, line charts and pie charts.

Add shapes

The Data Exchange reports allow you to add shapes such as rectangles and circles to use on your story slides.

Bulk XML upload

This module will discuss how to bulk upload. The intention of the bulk XML upload file is to allow service providers that operate existing client management systems to export files from their system to the Data Exchange.