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Data Exchange Reports - Story

The Data Exchange reports allow you to create presentations, called Stories, based on the Data Exchange (DEX) data you can access. You create Stories by incorporating elements of the Data Exchange report, such as taking a snapshot of a table or chart, and adding them in your presentation to tell a “story” about the data your organisation is working with. You can also create animations and add shapes to make your Story more engaging.

Report Structure

As part of the Data Exchange, all organisations that use the Data Exchange will have access to their own set of reports, which reflect the information submitted by their organisation. All available reports are accessed via the Data Exchange web-based portal. The ability to access the data and run reports will reflect the level of user access within the organisation. 

Using Selections

Qlik reports have been designed to initially display a standard set of data fields. At times, you may wish to add different data to your report. These additional filters are available from the Selections tool.

Exploration Menu

In all of the reports, there are a number of functions which can change how the reports look. This can be useful when building a story or to help make analysing data easier. These changes can be applied to any visualisation in Qlik including graphs, charts and tables.