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Hi there, welcome to our video on Privacy and Consent in the Data Exchange

Consent is when your client(s) gives permission for their personal information to be collected and stored on the Data Exchange system

The Privacy Act 1988 is an Australian law which regulates the handling of personal information about individuals

To meet our obligations under this law, the Department of Social Services requires client consent to be recorded in the Data Exchange

But what happens when consent is not given?

When consent is not given, the client's first name, last name and street level address is removed from the Data Exchange

By removing this information, a person's privacy is protected under the Privacy Act

The client record will display like this when consent has been given

The client record will display like this when consent has not been given

Organisations only see demographic information in the client record

The government only sees de-identified data, which remains the same whether a client gives consent or not

What does 'de-identified' mean?

De-identification is a privacy-enhancing tool used to remove personal identifying information.

So the government can not see a client's personal information

If a client is not comfortable giving their real name , an assumed name can be entered

Oh I didn't know this

Many of my clients don't know their date of birth. How would we record this?

You can use an estimated year of birth

Go to the privacy fact sheets on the Data Exchange website for more information

Or you can call or email if you need help

Helpdesk: 1800 020 283

Thank you for watching.


Information for organisations about consent.

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