Data Exchange System Update - July 2021

July Mail Chimp

System Closing on 30 July 2021

There are only five business days left to finalise your data before the system close on 30 July. 

The 10 day processing time for Data Exchange Helpdesk email requests has now passed. If you require support, contact the Helpdesk directly on 1800 020 283 between 8.30am-5.30pm, Monday – Friday. The Helpdesk is receiving a high volume of calls and emails, and while they are working hard to respond to everyone, we ask that you use the resources available on the DEX website as a starting point for troubleshooting any issues you are experiencing. Below are links to some of the key documents.

Once your data has been uploaded please use the Data Exchange reports to confirm your data has uploaded correctly. The reports refresh each morning with the previous day’s data. We recommend accessing the following reports:

  • Organisation Overview: This report will display the number of individual, group and support clients you have worked with throughout the reporting period as well as the number of sessions you have delivered
  • Organisation Data Quality: This report will show the quality of your data. Data quality is essential and a focus for the Department. All data reported should be recorded as the client identifies. In most circumstances this means that the percentage of clients with estimated dates of birth, not stated values and pseudonyms should be quite low.
  • Client Outcomes: This report will show the number of clients assessed in each of the outcome areas and domains.

Start of the July – December 2021 Reporting Period 

The new reporting period, July – December 2021, has started. We have a number of new programs reporting into the Data Exchange as at 1 July 2021. We ask that providers for these programs look at the training resources on our website for guidance. The following training resources explain how to start reporting in the Data Exchange portal: