Web Services Technical Specifications

The Data Exchange System-to-System Technical Specifications are for organisations wanting to use system-to-system transfers to submit their data to the Data Exchange.
The document provides technical details about the data format and system requirements, and is aimed at IT managers, system developers and software providers. From time to time, the specifications will be updated to reflect enhanced functionality and features. These changes occur as a result of a combination of user feedback as part of our continuous improvement process, or as new program activities come on board.

The specification for web services covers the following:

  • Interface availability
  • Service interface listing
  • Message definitions
  • Interface method definitions

A pre-production environment is available to developers for testing. For enquiries on how to access the pre-production environment and for technical support please email dssdataexchange.helpdesk@dss.gov.au.



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Revision history

1.10 Added PropertyAgreementOutcome (and subsequently PropertyAgreementOutcomeCode, DateOfPropertyAgreement, and DidLegalPractitionerAssistInPropertyMediation) for DataCollection.Case operations.

1.9, Terminology updates (Service Provider to Organisation).
Further advice added to ClientId, CaseId, and SessionId validation rules.
Corrected order of Address fields in Get response examples.

1.8, 19 March 2019: Add AvailableFrom and AvailableTo to: ServiceType, ServiceTypeSpecificRequirements, ActivitySpecificRequirements, AvailableAssessmentType for GetOrganisationActivities method

1.7, 23 April 2018: IsHomeless (Boolean) changed to HomelessIndicatorCode (string) at DataCollection.Recipient operations. Added EducationLevelCode, EmploymentStatusCode, IsClientACarer, NDISEligibilityCode for DataCollection.Recipient operations. Added ClientAttendanceProfileCode, and EndDate for DataCollection.Case operations. Added ServiceSettingCode for for DataCollection.Session operations. Added AssessedByCode for for DataCollection.Assessments operations. GetServiceTypeForOutletActivity method no longer supported. Now retrieved with GetOrganisationActivity Method. GetOrganisationActivity response now includes ActivitySpecificRequirements, ActivityServiceTypes, and AvailableAssessmentTypes. IsAgdType removed from GetOutletActivities

1.6, 23 November 2017: Correction for Mandatory Conditional and Optional on ValidateForDuplicateClient…

1.0, 14 October 2014: Initial document release. First Document reference 29723351