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Bulk File Upload Technical Specifications

The Data Exchange Bulk File Upload Technical Specifications is intended for organisations wanting to use bulk uploads to submit their data to the Data Exchange.

The document provides technical details about the data format and system requirements, and are primarily aimed at IT managers, system developers and software providers. At times, the specifications will be updated to reflect enhanced functionality and features. These changes can occur through a combination of user feedback as part of our continuous improvement process, or as new program activities start.

The specification for bulk upload covers:

  • Interface details – technical infrastructure, security and authentication
  • Reference data
  • Bulk Upload XML File – data formats, commonly used data terms, examples
  • Error processing

More information about bulk file uploads can be found on the Task Card – Upload Methods.



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Revision history

1.10 Added PropertyAgreementOutcome (and subsequently PropertyAgreementOutcomeCode, DateOfPropertyAgreement, and DidLegalPractitionerAssistInPropertyMediation) for Cases. Added section 2.6 to provide information for SLK creation.

1.9, Terminology updates (Service Provider to Organisation).
Further advice added to ClientId, CaseId, and SessionId validation rules.
Error Report table and screenshot updated.

1.8 19 March 2019: ‘Outlets and Program activities data’ and ‘Organisation activities data’ sections combined into one section: ‘Organisation Activity and Outlets data’.
Added ‘Available from’ and ‘Available to’ to Organisation Activity data format sample.
‘Error Processing’ section screen shots updated

1.7, 23 April 2018: IsHomeless (Boolean) changed to HomelessIndicatorCode (string) for Clients. Added EducationLevelCode, EmploymentStatusCode, IsClientACarer, NDISEligibilityCode for Clients. Added ClientAttendanceProfileCode, and EndDate for Cases. Added ServiceSettingCode for Sessions. Added AssessedByCode for Assessments.

1.6, 23 November 2017: No changes

1.5, 25 July 2017: Changes to ‘Activity Specific Requirements’. Adding Topic for Session. Increase of maximum file size allowed from 5MB to 10MB

1.0, 14 October 2014: Initial document release. First Document reference 32,089,311