Add a client

This task card discusses the following:

  • What is a client?
  • How to add a client
    • Enter client details
    • Enter residential address
    • Enter demographic details
    • Enter extended demographics
    • Review and finish

Key highlights

  • Do not add any personal information into the Client ID and Tag fields.
  • Do not enter a client’s full address if it is a sensitive location such as a refuge or shelter.
  • Client and consent information is visible to the entire organisation and can be updated at any time.
  • Searching for a client can be completed by using either full or partial client information.
  • Refer to the Data Exchange Protocols for more information on conditions, disabilities and impairments.
  • Organisation Editors and Viewers will only be able to view SCORE information for outlets and program activities they have access to.
  • Adding partnership approach extended demographics and SCORE data will provide context as to why the client is accessing your services and demonstrate the outcomes they are achieving.



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