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Add and edit a user

This task card discusses the following:

  • Steps to undertake prior to requesting access
  • Access levels
  • Step 1 – Access the Manage users link
  • Step 2 – Add a new user
  • Step 3 – Assign an outlet and program activity to a user
    • To assign an outlet to a user
    • To assign a program activity to a user
  • Viewing a user’s role
  • Editing a user
    • Updating a user’s role to a Data Exchange Organisation administrator
    • Removing Organisation administrator access

Key highlights

  • Prior to requesting a Data Exchange account an organisation and an individual account holder must have their own myGovID.
  • Only a Data Exchange Organisation administrator can add and maintain user and outlet information in the Data Exchange.
  • The email address entered for a new user must match the email address that has been set up in Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) for that user.
  • A user can only edit or view information for an outlet or program activity that they have been attached to by the Data Exchange Organisation administrator.
  • A user’s access can be updated to a Data Exchange Organisation administrator by the organisation’s current Data Exchange Organisation administrator at any time.



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