Create and manage outlets

This task card discusses the following:

  • What is an outlet?
  • How to manage your outlets
    • Access the ‘Manage organisation’ screen
    • Add an outlet
    • Add a program activity
    • Start and end date information
    • Bulk upload of outlets
    • Editing and maintaining outlets
  • How to manually update program activity start and end dates
    • Step 1 – Check the start and end dates
    • Step 2 – Select the outlet
    • Step 3 – Amend the start and end dates
    • Step 4 – Ready for approval

Key highlights

  • Any sensitive information, such as a person’s home address or a protected location such as a refuge should not be recorded or included in an outlet’s name.
  • You cannot create an outlet that has an identical name and locality as an existing outlet or edit an outlet to mirror an existing outlet’s name and locality.
  • Each outlet must be assigned the program activity(s) that it delivers.
  • Program activities are pre-loaded from your grant agreement. You will not be able to select a program your organisation is not funded to deliver.
  • Your program activity start and end date is pre-populated from your funding agreement.
  • Creation of outlet requests should be undertaken well in advance of the close of a reporting period.
  • Outlet approval can take up to five (5) business days.
  • The Data Exchange Helpdesk will endeavour to approve the outlet(s) within five (5) business days
  • The use of special characters such as * & % # @ should not be included in the free text fields as they are used as search functions in the Data Exchange.



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