Data Exchange Protocols

The Data Exchange Protocols is a support manual intended to guide the consistent implementation of the Data Exchange framework. The protocols provide practical information for managers and front-line staff to integrate data definitions and requirements into existing administrative practices.

Program specific guidance provides practical information for managers and front-line staff on the data expected for their program. It also assists them in integrating SCORE (Standard Client/Community Outcome Reporting) outcomes data collection into existing service and administrative practices.

Program specific guidance is divided into nine documents:

If organisations are unsure as to what program specific guidance applies to them, they can check their grant agreement, or contact their Funding Arrangement Manager.

Easy English

An Easy English version of the Data Exchange Protocols is available. Four documents have been developed to support people who find reading English difficult.

  • What is the Data Exchange?
  • Using the Data Exchange
  • The Partnership Approach
  • Recording Client Outcomes in the Data Exchange

What is Easy English?

Easy English is a way of writing that uses everyday words, simple sentences and images to support key messages. It is different to plain English or plain language.

Easy English is for anyone who finds reading and understanding written information difficult. This can be because someone is still learning how to read; because they have a disability or because their main language is not English.



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