Data Exchange System User Access Request Form

Before you request a Data Exchange user account, your organisation must be registered with Relationship Authorisation Manager (RAM) and all individuals must have a myGovID account.

The Data Exchange user access request form is intended for organisational staff to apply for access to the Data Exchange.

The form must be completed in full and submitted to your manager for approval before it can be sent to the Data Exchange Helpdesk for processing.

Once your manager has received the form, they have 7 days to approve and submit it to the Data Exchange Helpdesk. If your manager does not action the form within 7 days, a new form will need to be completed.

Important note: Data Exchange access can be created and managed by Organisation Administrators in the Web-based portal. Requests for access submitted to the Data Exchange Helpdesk may take up to 10 business days to process.

Outlets and Activities will not be assigned to Organisation Editor and Organisation Viewer roles by the Data Exchange Helpdesk. This will need to be done in the Data Exchange by an Organisation Administrator within your organisation.

Access the Data Exchange System User Access Request Form

For help accessing the Data Exchange user access form, please contact the Data Exchange Helpdesk by email or phone 1800 020 283.