Content tagged with 'Technical'

Add a case

This module will discuss how to add a case. A case is the first step in recording service delivery information within the Data Exchange.

Bulk XML upload

This module will discuss how to bulk upload. The intention of the bulk XML upload file is to allow service providers that operate existing client management systems to export files from their system to the Data Exchange.

Reference data

This module will discuss how to access Reference data information. The Reference data section is only for those organisations that perform bulk uploads into the Data Exchange.

Create and manage outlets

This module will discuss how to create and manage outlets. In the Data Exchange an outlet is defined as: "the location from where a service is primarily being delivered."

Add a user

This module will discuss how to add a user to your organisation. As an Administrator you are responsible for adding other users from your organisation to be able to access and use the Data Exchange.

Service footprint

This report demonstrates outputs by outlet and region, to allow organisations to see where clients live, compared to where services are being delivered, or where staff are travelling to deliver them.

Resource planning

This report shows the intensity of services delivered in the one financial year compared to the previous year, providing an opportunity to identify trends and patterns, which in turn can facilitate effective resource planning for organis

Client outcomes

This report demonstrates the Standard Client Outcomes Reporting (SCORE) assessments being reported by organisations.