Add a SCORE Assessment

This task card discusses the following:

  • What is SCORE?
  • Client SCORE or Community SCORE
  • SCORE icons
  • Add a client SCORE
    • Method 1 – Add SCORE in an existing session
    • Method 2 – After adding a session
    • Method 3 – From the Client ID field in the View SCORE section
    • Method 4 – From the Add SCORE field in the View SCORE section
  • Add a Community SCORE
    • Step 1 – Select the session
    • Step 2 – Enter assessment details

Key highlights

  • SCORE helps tell the story of what has been achieved for a client / group / community as a result of service delivery.
  • You do not need to record SCORE assessments against each domain listed; only those applicable to the client.
  • SCOREs should be recorded using the same domain to measure the changes experienced by clients over time.
  • It is optional to record how the SCORE was assessed.



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