Update: 8 May 2020

Privacy Awareness Week - Protecting client privacy in the Data Exchange

Privacy Awareness Week highlights the importance of protecting personal information and helps organisations, agencies and the public navigate the privacy landscape.

Angelene Falk, Australian Information Commissioner and Privacy Commissioner, writes 'This year's Privacy Awareness Week comes in the midst of uncertain times, as nations around the world respond to the very serious challenges presented by the COVID-19 virus. Our circumstances are changing rapidly as we all adapt to new ways of operating….we all have a role to play in supporting public trust and confidence in the handling of our personal information to support public health initiatives.'

For tips on how to check and update your privacy controls please visit the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner's Privacy Awareness Week 2020 website.

As you would be aware protecting each client's personal information is very important in the Data Exchange. We ask you to consider information about privacy by reading:

  • A factsheet on how privacy is protected in the Data Exchange, to aid your organisations' conversations about privacy with clients
  • The Privacy Impact Assessment, which confirms the Data Exchange is operating according to the Privacy Act 1988
  • The Data Exchange Protocols that outlines each organisations' privacy obligations and consent procedures

myGovID and RAM

Please be aware that myGovID and RAM replaced AUSkey on 27 March 2020. For those who haven't yet obtained a myGovID head to the myGovID website or watch our myGovID and RAM webinar for further assistance. If you already have a myGovID and are experiencing difficulties accessing the Data Exchange, please refer to our recently published Frequently Asked Questions document.

Data Exchange Access

Did you know that Organisation Administrators can provide users with access to the Data Exchange? The Add and edit a user task card provides step by step instructions so that an Organisation Administrator can review and modify access at any time. This is an important process to help protect client privacy and ensure that your records are up to date.

The Data Exchange System User Access Request Form referenced in the Add and edit a user task card should only be completed if the Organisation Administrator has left the organisation or is not available to create the access. Requests for access submitted to the Data Exchange Helpdesk may take up to 10 business days to process.