Benchmarking under the Data Exchange Framework: Discussion Paper

In December 2015, the Department of Social Services released the Data Exchange Benchmarking Discussion Paper. The paper proposes five key principles underpinning benchmarking as part of the Data Exchange. Twenty five organisations provided a response to the discussion paper questions. Overall, organisations were supportive of benchmarking.
The Department wishes to thank all the organisations that provided submissions to the discussion paper questions. The Data Exchange has carefully considered the themes raised by these submissions, and responses to each of the key feedback areas are detailed in the ‘Data Exchange benchmarking report on consultation findings’.
The Department has incorporated the discussion paper feedback into the planned benchmarking approach and will incrementally develop approaches that are informed by peer-reviewed academic literature and stakeholder consultation. An experimental study will begin in 2018. More details are available in the ‘Developing a benchmarking methodology for the Data Exchange’



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