SCORE Translation Matrix

‘The Data Exchange – SCORE Translation Matrix’ helps organisations convert results from commonly used outcomes measurement tools into the Standard Client/Community Outcomes Reporting tool known as SCORE.



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Revision history

Version 3, published March 2019

  1. Revised to include new tool – Growth Empowerment Measure (GEM)
  2. Revised tables to make more screen reader accessible.
  3. Changed Data Exchange logo
  4. Small edits to clarify some terms.

Version 2, published November 2018

The Department released version 2 of the SCORE Translation Matrix in November 2018 to provide updates on previously translated and new instruments for inclusion, following feedback from organisations.

  1. Revised content and formatting.
  2. Introduction of the Carers Star translation.
  3. Removal of Bringing Up Great Kids (BUGK).
  4. Clarification and additional detail for remaining instruments. 
  5. Inclusion of self-assessment and proprietary/in-house matrix templates.

Version 1, published November 2017

Initial document release