Handshake – Create, accept or revoke

This task card discusses the following:

  • Background information
  • Lead Organisation View – Request for Access to Delivery Partner data (Handshake)
  • Delivery Partner View – Handshake request alert received
  • Accepting / Declining a Handshake Request
  • Lead Organisation View – Handshake request status
  • Lead Organisation View – Revoking a handshake
  • Delivery Partner View – Handshake revoked by lead organisation
  • Delivery Partner View – Revoking a handshake
  • Lead Organisation View – Handshake revoked by delivery partner

Key highlights

  • Using the handshake arrangement, lead organisations can request to view data for the program a delivery partner is providing.
  • A delivery partner has the option to accept or decline a handshake request.
  • A handshake can be revoked at any time by either the lead organisation or delivery partner.
  • It takes up to 24 hours for the handshake to become active and it can also take up to 24 hours for access to be removed.



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