Update: 13 July 2020

REMINDER: Time to finalise your data entry

In preparation for the end of the January to June reporting period, it is important all organisations submit their data into the Data Exchange as soon as possible. This allows you to identify and resolve any data entry issues before the 30 July system close.

We encourage you to start talking about the importance of submitting timely data within your organisation. This is critically important where your organisation doesn’t regularly report or has previously missed a reporting period.

The Data Exchange only considers re-opening the system where the organisation can demonstrate there are exceptional circumstances. Please note, the following circumstances are not considered exceptional:

  • delays in obtaining a myGovID;
  • staff unavailable to submit/input the data;
  • not being aware of reporting requirements; or
  • delays caused by a third party vendor.

Tip: The Data Exchange reports reflect the data your organisation has submitted and can help you identify any errors or inconsistencies. We recommend you submit data regularly and use the additional 30 days at the end of each period to check and correct any errors.

Creation of new outlets

Any organisations wanting to create new outlets or change existing outlets are asked to do so as soon as possible. Any requests made in the last week of July may not be approved before the close of the reporting period, due to the high volume of Helpdesk queries during this time.

The Data Exchange team requests that organisations action any updates and changes over the coming fortnight, to ensure they are finalised before the close of the reporting period.

If you are uploading via Bulk XML, you may upload up to 10MB of data per file. Uploading regularly throughout the reporting period ensures minimal disruptions and delays.

Easy English Protocols

An Easy English version of the Data Exchange Protocols is now available. Four documents have been developed to support people who find reading English difficult

  • What is the Data Exchange?
  • Using the Data Exchange
  • The Partnership Approach
  • Recording Client Outcomes in the Data Exchange

What is Easy English?

Easy English is a way of writing that uses everyday words, simple sentences and images to support key messages. It is different to plain English or plain language.

Easy English is for anyone who finds reading and understanding written information difficult. This can be because someone is still learning how to read; because they have a disability or because their main language is not English.