Update: 1 July 2020

Recording Alternate Service Delivery

In response to the current global health pandemic, many organisations have needed to change the way they deliver their services to meet the current landscape, ensuring clients still have access to the services they require.

Whilst there has previously been an element of virtual or remote services being reported in the Data Exchange, this pandemic has led to an increased focus on these alternate channels.

To assist organisations in accurately capturing the delivery of services via these mediums we have developed a fact sheet on recording services. The fact sheet is available on the Data Exchange website and provides detailed information and examples for recording telephone, virtual or remote services in the Data Exchange. 

Qlik Upgrade

As part of the recent Qlik upgrade, the way you export, zoom in or snapshot a table or chart within the reports has changed. You will need to right click on the table or chart to see the menu selection. To export click the 3 dots icon.

REMINDER: January - June 2020 reporting period coming to an end

In preparation for the end of the January to June reporting period, it is important all organisations submit their data into the Data Exchange as soon as possible. This allows you to identify and resolve any data entry issues before the 30 July system close (including 30 additional days to submit data after the reporting period ends on 30 June).

We encourage you to start talking about the importance of submitting timely data within your organisation. This is critically important where your organisation doesn’t regularly report or has previously missed a reporting period.

The Data Exchange only considers re-opening the system where the organisation can demonstrate there are exceptional circumstances. Please note, the following circumstances are not considered exceptional:

  • delays in obtaining a myGovID;
  • staff unavailable to submit/input the data;
  • not being aware of reporting requirements; or
  • delays caused by a third party vendor.

Tip: The Data Exchange reports reflect the data your organisation has submitted and can help you identify any errors or inconsistencies. We recommend you submit data regularly and use the additional 30 days to check and correct any errors.