Update: November 2019

Login page changes

In preparation for the transition from AUSkey to myGovID/RAM, organisations will soon see a new screen when they log into the Data Exchange. This new login page will ask users to select the credential they are using.

For now, users will need to select the “AUSkey” option to proceed into the Data Exchange. The other credentials will not work at this stage.

Family Law Services

As organisations would be aware, in July 2019 changes were made to how Family Law Services report in the Data Exchange. These changes include:

  • participation in the partnership approach is now a requirement of grant agreements.
  • the outreach service type was removed and service type descriptions were updated
  • program-specific fields relating to section 60(i) certificates and parenting agreements were added to Family Law Counselling and the Family Relationship Advice Line.

From 1 February 2020, ‘fees charged’ will be a required field for all Family Law Services to report, noting that this is an existing requirement for some program activities. This change will apply to sessions delivered from 1 January 2020, but will not be implemented until the beginning of February to avoid complicating reporting for the July to December 2019 period. ‘Fees charged’ will be a new field for Children’s Contact Services, Family Law Counselling, the Family Relationship Advice Line and Supporting Children After Separation.

The new fields are available in the ‘staging environment’ now, to allow testing of the changes before uploading files. If you have a third party system administrator, please ensure they are aware of these changes and make any required adjustments. The Program Specific Guidance outlines which fields apply to each Family Law Services.

Changes to how referrals are displayed in reports

As part of the Data Exchange’s ongoing review of the reports, we are correcting some inconsistencies in how referral source is displayed in the Organisation Overview report. For some organisations this correction may result in changes to client numbers for referral source, when compared to the last time you viewed the reports. If you have any questions about this change, please contact the Data Exchange Helpdesk.

Useful Tips

Do you foresee a change in staffing, or is the person entering data into the Data Exchange about to go away? If so, please update your organisations’ Data Exchange access to include other staff members. This helps your organisation report regularly over staff absences and meet the next reporting deadline.

Go to the Data Exchange website for more information on how to add a new user.