Update: 29 October 2019

Launch of the new Data Exchange website

We are excited to announce that the new user friendly Data Exchange website was launched on Monday 28 October 2019. We would like to extend our thanks to organisations for their collaboration during its development. The new website has incorporated feedback to make it more accessible and easier to understand. The link to the website will remain the same - https://dex.dss.gov.au.

Recent Changes in the SLK Methodology

As part of the Data Exchange’s ongoing system enhancement process, we recently made some changes to the way Statistical Linkage Keys (SLKs) are managed.

Before this change, the SLK created by the Data Exchange reflected the client details as they were initially entered. If any errors were identified and corrected, the initial SLK would stay in the system and remain in the reports. This impacted our ability to draw updated SLK information into the reports as organisations improved their client records.

Following a system change, the Data Exchange can reflect the updated SLKs in the reports. This means that the enormous effort undertaken by Funding Arrangement Managers and organisations to improve data quality by increasing the number of clients with valid SLKs, will be reflected in the reports.

Upcoming Outages

The Data Exchange and Data Exchange Reports will be unavailable from 9:00am to 11:00am AEDT Saturday 9 November 2019 due to planned maintenance.