Update: 20 August 2019

Reporting Period Close

The January to June 2019 reporting period has now closed. We thank organisations for your commitment to submitting high quality data and are pleased to see organisations report on time. This important information helps both organisations and government consider service delivery and the outcomes this delivers for clients.

Report Updates

Recently we revised many of the Data Exchange reports to make them easier and faster to use. The reports that have been updated include:

  • Client Outcomes – to add a ‘SCORE details’ sheet to highlight the number of clients your organisation has completed a SCORE assessment, or partial assessment for. A partial assessment means that a subsequent SCORE was not recorded in that reporting period, reducing your ability to track the achievement of outcomes over time.
  • Organisation Data Quality – a number of links have been fixed to improve performance of this report. We encourage you to view this report as part of your organisation’s data quality habits. You will see how your organisation’s data quality is changing over time and across outlets. It also highlights where data quality improvements could be made.
  • Organisation Overview – ‘Outlet state’ sheet drill-down fields have been added, for users to see how many outlets exist and the number of clients within each SA4/SA3/SA2 rather than just state.

Policy documents updated

Appendix B has been updated to ‘Program Specific Guidance’ with the following programs added:

  • ICSS Carer Gateway - regional delivery partners
  • SETS – Community Capacity Building
  • The Fathering Project
  • Beyond Barbed Wire
  • Settlement Services programs are now under the heading of the Department of Home Affairs
  • The NSW Department of Families and Communities changed its name to the Department of Communities and Justice on 1 July 2019