Update: 15 July 2019

End of the January to June reporting period – two weeks to finalise your data entry

The January to June reporting period has ended. Please be aware you have two weeks to finalise your data entry. We would like to encourage you to enter your data as soon as possible to allow time to fix any data entry errors that may have occurred over the last six months.

Please be aware that if data has not been entered into the Data Exchange before 30 July, you will have missed the cut-off and your data will not be accepted.

Your Funding Arrangement Manager is often your primary contact point, and the Data Exchange Helpdesk can offer support on technical queries between 8:30am – 5:30pm AEST Monday to Friday (via email DSSDataExchange.helpdesk@dss.gov.au or phone 1800 020 283). 

System enhancements (August 2019)

The Data Exchange plans to release system enhancements in August 2019. These enhancements are designed to better share information back with organisations and are not likely to require configuration changes.

To allow organisations who use bulk file upload, or system-to-system upload methods time to consider the planned enhancements, the reference data files, technical specification documents, and Data Exchange Staging environment have been updated to reflect the August 2019 release. To view the technical specification documents go to:

Creation of new outlets

Any organisations wanting to create new outlets or change existing outlets are asked to do so as soon as possible. Any requests made in the last week of July may not be approved before the close of the reporting period, due to the high volume of Helpdesk queries during this time.

The Data Exchange team requests that organisations action any updates and changes over the coming week, to ensure they are finalised before the close of the reporting period.

Benefits of reporting regularly

If your organisation submits data on a regular basis you will be ensuring that your organisation is:

  • meeting your grant agreement milestone and KPI requirements
  • allowing enough time to not only check the quality of your data, but afford you the time to fix your data if you have found errors in the upload or data entry.

Data Exchange reports

We advise organisations to check their operating systems and browsers to ensure the browser they are using is in the Supported Browsers information fact sheet. In some cases, updated browsers are not supported and will result in no information being displayed in the Data Exchange reports.

Reports are not viewable if accessing the Data Exchange via a USB AUSkey using Mozilla Firefox version 41 or via a Device AUSkey with any Mozilla Firefox version, including the latest.

If your AUSkey browser is not compatible, or you are experiencing issues viewing data in the reports, contact the Data Exchange Helpdesk between 8:30am – 5:30pm AEST Monday to Friday (via email DSSDataExchange.helpdesk@dss.gov.au or phone 1800 020 283).