Data Exchange Update November 2023

Data Exchange Gender Values Changes

In response to consultations held in 2022, about implementation of the ABS' latest Standards for Sex, Gender, Variations of Sex Characteristics and Sexual Orientation Variables, the way gender is reported into the Data Exchange is changing.

From Tuesday 14 November 2023, the Data Exchange team will be releasing gender value changes into the Data Exchange 'staging environment'. This will allow service providers to test how these changes will impact reporting into the Data Exchange for those organisations who report using a Bulk File Upload method or a System to System Transfer method.

The main changes will be the retiring of 'Intersex indeterminate' as a value and introducing 'Non-binary' and '[I/They] use a different term'. Where a client choses '[I/They] use a different term', the provider will have the option of entering the client's preferred term into the system to enable communication without the client having to re-identify during each interaction. It is anticipated the gender value change will be implemented into the 'live' Data Exchange reporting environment from 2 March 2024, which will be confirmed in a future update.

To support service providers to start testing the gender values changes in the Data Exchange a staging environment technical specifications document for both Bulk File Upload and Web Services is now available on the Data Exchange website.

For more information about the gender value changes please go to the Gender Values Fact Sheet now available on the Data Exchange website.

Data Exchange Planned Maintenance

There are no planned outages for the rest of November 2023.