Data Exchange Update June 2023

End of reporting period

The end of the January to June 2023 reporting period is coming up fast. We would like to encourage all users to make sure your data is entered into the Data Exchange as soon as possible to avoid any last minute issues that might occur when uploading your data.

If your data has not been submitted into the Data Exchange before 30 July 2023 you will have missed the cut-off date and will not be able to enter the data in at a later stage. The data will not count towards your deliverables and your organisation and the department will miss out on this valuable information.

If you are experiencing issues with entering data into the Data Exchange please contact your funding arrangement manager or the Data Exchange Helpdesk, who will be more than happy to provide you with assistance.

New Data Exchange report

The new Submitted data details Data Exchange report will be available to organisations reporting into the Data Exchange from 8 June 2023. The report allows organisations to view their own data submissions at a more granular level. It provides information on outlets, cases, sessions and clients to assist organisations in checking their data entry and remediate any incorrectly entered data to improve data quality.

A copy of the Submitted data details report fact sheet will also be made available under the Training Resources tab on the Data Exchange website. This report will show how data quality is changing over time and can vary across outlets, helps identify different data reporting practices, and highlights areas where attention may be required.

Data Exchange Planned Maintenance

There is no planned maintenance for this month.