Data Exchange Update April 2023

Client Privacy and Consent

The Data Exchange is a secure system that complies under the Privacy Act. All client information is secure and de-identified. If an organisation wants to store identifiable client data in the Data Exchange clients must give their consent.

When consent is not given, the client’s first name, last name and street-level address are not stored in the Data Exchange. Organisations are only able to see demographic information. The government only sees de-identified data whether or not a client gives their consent.

You can find more resources on client privacy and consent under Fact sheets within our Training Resources page. We highlight for you three important documents:

Useful Tips

There might be cases where a system user, or a client, will have only one name. In the case of a client, you will need to enter the name into both the Given name and Family name fields to generate a Statistical Linkage Key (SLK).

Collecting group client outcomes and unidentified clients

Did you know that you can report Community Outcomes in the Data Exchange?

Community outcomes are achieved in different ways and progressively over different periods. They range from immediate short-term outcomes to longer-term changes that positively affect the circumstances of a community.

Community SCORE reporting allows organisation to report outcomes of larger group events when it would otherwise be difficult to capture individual client outcomes.

To record a Community SCORE, organisations need to record a rating between 1 and 5 against a relevant domain.

A fact sheet on reporting Community Outcomes (SCORE) is available on the Data Exchange Website.

Data Exchange Planned Maintenance

An outage affecting the Data Exchange portal will take place between 12:00am to 12:30am Sunday 30 April 2023. We advise users to enter their data outside those hours. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.