Data Exchange Update September 2022

Update on Program Specific Guidance

The updated Program Specific Guidance for Commonwealth Agencies and Program Specific Guidance for State Agencies documents are now available on the DEX website. Please refer to the Version History of each of the document for reference to the changes that have been made. 

Useful Tips

Did you know you can report when a client has exited the service? There are nine data field options available at the case level. These fields include: 

  • Client no longer requires assistance
  • Service unable to provide assistance
  • Client now requires higher level of care
  • Client has moved out of area
  • Client terminated the service
  • Client died
  • Client no longer eligible
  • Client needs have been met
  • None of the above

In order to record an ‘Exit Reason’ in the portal, you will need to find the case related to the client in the Data Exchange portal. Choose to edit ‘Referral Source and Reasons’ by clicking on the  ic icon. Under ‘Exit Reason’, choose the appropriate response for why
the client is no longer accessing services and then save your changes. Please refer to the Bulk File Upload Technical Specification or the Web Services Technical Specifications for technical changes you may need to make where using either of those upload methods.

Data Exchange Planned Maintenance

There is a planned system outage scheduled between 8pm Friday 16 September and 4am Saturday 17 September 2022. We encourage you consider entering your data outside of these times so that you ae not impacted by this system outage.