Data Exchange Update August 2022

New Reporting Period

Thank you to those organisations that managed to submit their January to June 2022 reporting information on time. Over 96% of organisations reported on time! This important information provides a strong evidence base to drive policy decisions and helps the department to better understand the outcomes being achieved by Australians accessing services.

The July – December 2022 reporting period is well underway. We encourage you to report regularly throughout the reporting period and use the Organisation Data Quality report to monitor your data quality. Please review our training resources for more tips on improving data quality. 

Useful Tips

Do you foresee a change in staffing, or is the person entering data into the Data Exchange about to go away? If so, please update your organisation’s Data Exchange access to include other staff members. This helps to ensure your organisation can report regularly and meet the next reporting deadlines.

It is also timely to remove the access of any staff who are no longer employed or no longer require access to the DEX system.

For more information on how to add a new user, please visit the Data Exchange website.

Data Exchange Planned Maintenance

There is no planned maintenance for August.