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Data Exchange Update September 2021

New Reporting Period

The July - December 2021 reporting period is well underway. We encourage you to continue reporting regularly throughout the reporting period and use the Organisation Data Quality report to monitor your data quality. Please review our training resources for more tips on improving data quality.

System Changes: Upcoming Updates to the Data Exchange Reports

As mentioned in last month’s update, there will be some changes made to the DEX reports. These changes will take place on Thursday, 30 September 2021. Please refer to the Upcoming DEX Report Changes document for more information and instructions on what you may need to do to accommodate these changes. The updates include:

  1. The Data Exchange reports website URL is changing.
  2. The Partnership Approach reports will be made available to all organisations reporting into the Data Exchange (proposed date for 30 September).
  3. Handshake content will be expanded to more reports (proposed date for 30 September).
  4. Minor formatting improvements.


Please be aware that with the change to the new DEX reports website URL, all saved stories and bookmarks within the reports will be lost. We encourage all organisations who use the bookmarks and stories functionality to take screenshots so they can be replicated after the transfer to the new URL.

If you are unfamiliar with the bookmarks and stories functionality, and would like to learn more, there are a number of training resources on the DEX website. Navigate to the ‘Quick guide to using reports’ page for further guidance.

Program Specific Guidance

The Program Specific Guidance for Commonwealth Agencies document has been updated to incorporate new programs, remove programs that have ended, and include updated guidance and changes to current programs. Please review the program specific guidance for your program(s) to ensure you are up to date with all your reporting requirements.

DEX Report Highlight - Client Outcomes Report

Partnership approach report

This report reflects the Standard Client Outcomes Reporting (SCORE) assessments being reported by your organisation. The visualisations (charts, graphs, tables) within the report showcase your data in an easy-to-digest format, helping you to better understand the achievements being made by clients across three of the outcome categories: Circumstances, Goals and Satisfaction.

Understanding the effectiveness of programs is a focus for the Department and this data is being used to drive evidence-based policy decisions. We encourage you to report outcomes data on a regular basis and use this report to help you identify the things you are doing well and where service delivery could be improved under a continuous improvement and learning model.

This report as a whole provides a unique view of the outcomes assessments recorded for clients.