Data Exchange System Update - June 2021

End of January – June 2021 reporting period

There are 10 days to go before the end of the January-June 2021 reporting period. An additional 30 days is provided to allow you to upload your data and quality assure it is an accurate reflection of your service delivery. Do not leave the uploading of your data to the last minute as once the hard close is in place the system will not be reopened unless you have experienced exceptional circumstances. Submitting your service delivery information to the Data Exchange is a contractual requirement of your grant agreement.

Using the Data Exchange Reports for Quality Assurance

All registered Data Exchange administrators or users can view the Data Exchange reports. These reports are useful for quality checking your data. You can access the reports from the Data Exchange web-based portal through the “Access MyDEX reports” screen. Once you have entered this screen, log in using your myGovID and select the required report stream: Standard or Partnership Approach Reports. The reports allow you to filter data by reporting periods, activity, outlets, etc. All reports have a Filter Page where you can find these filters.

Example of an Organisation Data Quality screen

The Organisation Data Quality Report, which highlights data quality issues, can assist you in your quality assurance processes. The report details how data quality changes over time and across outlets by measuring the percentage of clients:

  • With a low quality Statistical Linkage Key (SLK)
  • With a ‘Not Stated’ value
  • That were unidentified.

This report provides an overall data quality health check, followed by in-depth sheets exploring areas of improvement.

Updated Data Exchange Protocols

We have updated the Data Exchange protocols to capture the introduction of program specific fields for the Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS). The changes include:

  • Section 5.3.5 – addition of program specific fields for Rural Financial Counselling Service (RFCS) Program
  • Section 6.3 – addition of new Referral sources, ‘Lender/financial agency’, and ‘Accounting agency’
  • Section 11 – added and updated data values for above fields

The updated protocols can be found on the Data Exchange website.