Update: 19 January 2021

The July to December 2020 reporting period has ended and the 30 January 2021 system close is fast approaching. Please be aware you have just under two weeks to finalise your data entry. We encourage you to enter your data regularly during the reporting period and use the January period to check your reports for accuracy. You still have time to amend any errors for this reporting period before the system close. Data cannot be entered into the Data Exchange after 30 January 2021.

Your funding arrangement manager is your primary contact point for queries on the Data Exchange, and the Data Exchange Helpdesk can offer support on technical queries between 8.30am – 5.30pm AEDT Monday to Friday (via email or phone 1800 020 283).

System Updates

Service Setting

In February, there will be an additional value, Video, added to the Data Exchange ‘Service Setting’ field, which can be used to indicate sessions that were delivered via a video service.

The current service setting value ‘Digital’ will be renamed ‘Online service’ to better describe those services provided virtually, such as E-learning, self-service and interactive webinars.

Service Setting is an existing optional Data Exchange field currently used to capture where or how services are delivered. As this is an optional field, organisations can choose whether to report this information. We have found this data particularly useful through the COVID-19 pandemic and encourage organisations to report this if feasible.

Exit Reason

The client exit reason field is currently only available to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme. In February the Data Exchange will be updated to allow other programs to use the field and expand the list of available values. The Data Exchange Protocols will be updated to reflect this change. For those organisations using file upload or Web Services transmission methods, the Exit Reason field is available for use in the Data Exchange Staging environment now.

Data Exchange Reports

Use the reports to check for accuracy

Did you know the reports are updated 24 hours after you submit to the Data Exchange? This means you can follow the links to the reports from the web-based portal to view your data for accuracy and completeness. Any registered Data Exchange administrators or users can view reports data.

We recently published three new task cards on the reports:

  • Report Structure: This task card describes the process of accessing the reports and gives a brief overview of the structure of reports.
  • Exploration Menu: In all of the reports, there are a number of functions which can change how the reports look. These changes can be applied to most visualisations including graphs and charts.
  • Using Selections (additional filters): The selections tool allows you to add different data dimensions to your report and select additional filters.