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Upload methods

This task card discusses the following:

  • Bulk file upload
  • Reference data section
  • Reference data administration functions
    • File upload XML schema
    • Reference data
    • Outlets and program activities data
  • Uploaded files section
  • System-to-system
    • Access to staging / testing environment
    • Back up data files
  • Client IDs and change of upload methods
  • Reminder for the end of reporting period for bulk XML and system-to-system uploads

Key highlights

  • Ensure that the client ID does not include any personal information that can identify the client.
  • Download the file upload XML schema and reference data files regularly to ensure you have up to date data codes.
  • Maximum file size uploads for bulk XML is 10MB. Upload your data on a regular basis rather than all at once to avoid delays in uploading to the Data Exchange.
  • Be aware of the ‘Pending’ and ‘Processing’ status stages.
  • Ensure that client IDs are different or start after the last ID number created if changing upload methods.



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