Web Services Technical Specifications

The Data Exchange Technical Specifications are intended for service providers wanting to use system-to-system transfers or bulk uploads to submit their data to the Data Exchange.

These documents provide technical details about the data format and system requirements, and are primarily aimed at IT managers, system developers and software providers. From time to time the specifications will be updated to reflect enhanced functionality and features. These changes can occur through a combination of user feedback as part of our continual improvement process, or as new programme activities come on-board such as the Commonwealth Home Support Programme which commenced using Data Exchange on 1 November 2015.

The specification for web services covers the following:

  • Interface details – technical infrastructure, interface messages, security, authentication and errors
  • Interface data – data formats and commonly used data terms
  • Interface examples
  • Interface availability
  • Detailed specifications

A pre-production environment is available to developers for testing. For enquiries, how to access the pre-production environment and technical support please email Dataexchange.developersupport@dss.gov.au

The DSS Data Exchange Developer Support Helpdesk will endeavour to answer your enquiries within three working days. If a longer turnaround time will be required, the Helpdesk will provide you with advice on their expected resolution times.