Training resources

Material on this page has been developed to assist users of the Data Exchange to navigate the new IT system and perform different functions. If you are new to the system, the Quick start guide will help you gain access to the web-based portal and get you started using the Data Exchange.

Regardless of which method an organisation chooses to submit their data (web-based portal, system-to-system transfers, bulk upload), all organisations must complete a User access request form and use the web-based portal to set up their outlets and access their Data Exchange self-service reports.

The Data Exchange Protocols provides users with detailed operational guidance across the full range of in-scope program activities. The Protocols should be read in conjunction with:

Task cards

The following task cards provide guidance to users about the Data Exchange web-based portal.

Administrator functions

  1. Log in to the Data Exchange web-based portal
  2. Overview of “My Organisation”
  3. Setting up the structure of your organisation
  4. Create and manage outlets
  5. Add a new user
  6. Upload methods

Data entry in the web-based portal

  1. Navigation guide
  2. Add a client
  3. Add a case
  4. Add a session
  5. Add a group case and session
  6. Add a SCORE assessment
  7. Find and edit a record

Accessing self-service reports

  1. Run a standard report

Access to task cards for Partnership Approach reports is available under the below Partnership Approach reports heading.

Other information

  1. Accessing the Data Exchange – Supported browsers
  2. Novation process
  3. Extension request form
  4. Web-based portal enhancements

Partnership Approach reports

Information regarding the Partnership Approach reports including task cards is available on the Self-Service Reports page.

e-Learning modules

The following e-Learning modules are available in HTML format.

  1. Introduction to the Data Exchange (transcript)
  2. Getting started (transcript)

Administrator functions

  1. User access request form (transcript)
  2. Add a user (transcript)
  3. Create and manage outlets (transcript)
  4. Reference data (transcript)
  5. Bulk XML upload (transcript)

Data entry in the web-based portal

  1. Add a client (transcript)
  2. Add a case (transcript)
  3. Add a session (transcript)
  4. Add a community case and session (transcript)
  5. Find a client (transcript)
  6. Find a case (transcript)
  7. Add a SCORE assessment (transcript)

Accessing self-service reports

  1. Access reports (Transcript)

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, all training resources will be periodically reviewed and updated.