Reading Reports Guide

The Data Exchange uses de-identified, aggregate information to demonstrate both short and long term outcomes achieved for clients across programs. This information is accessible to users of the Data Exchange via the self-service reports.

These reports have a variety of themes and have been created to give insight into best practice, early intervention approaches, and overall performance. The reports provide users unprecedented access to program, client survey, geospatial, performance and population data from other government data sets as well as the Data Exchange itself.

Reports content is refreshed every 24 hours. This means that the more regularly a user enters their data, the more relevant their reports will be.

This document is intended to provide guidance to users about how they might interpret and analyse their self-service reports. For detailed instruction on navigation, tutorials about Qlik can be found on the Qlik Sense website.

All reports contain an ‘Information Page’ with a glossary of terms found in that report. This includes definitions on what terms mean and how counts are measured or sourced.

Other reports will be added to this guide as they are released.