Overview of ‘My Organisation’


Task card 2

Access to the ‘My Organisation’ area of the Data Exchange can be located on the home page:

Figure 1- The Data Exchange home page

Screenshot of Data Exchange Portal homepage, My Organisation heading highlighted.

There are four links in this area that an Administrator can select to perform various tasks.

1. Manage Organisation

Select Manage Organisation under the My Organisation heading.

Figure 2 – Manage organisation option

Screenshot of My organisation heading, Managing Organisation link highlighted

The Manage organisation screen will display.

Figure 3 – Manage organisation screen

Screenshot of Manage organisation screen displayed

Table 1 – Field Descriptions (Refer to Figure 3)
Organisation Details This area shows a general overview of your organisation and its ID details.
Edit Organisation Details Select this button if you need to update your organisations details, including preferred name and participation in the Partnership Approach.
Outlets This area lists all outlets associated with your organisation. If you are a first time user, no outlets will be listed. You will need to add your outlets.
Add Outlet Select this button if you need to add an outlet.

For instructions on how to add an outlet, please access the Data Exchange Training Suite task cards.

Programme Activities This area lists all programme activities that your organisation has been funded to deliver.
Pagination Function Should your organisation have multiple outlets and/or programme activities, the information will automatically paginate. Use the numbered pages or Next button to move through the pagination function.

2. Manage Users

Select Manage users under the My Organisation heading.

Figure 4 – My Organisation

Screenshot of My organisation heading, Manage users link highlighted

The Manage users screen will display.

Figure 5 – Manage Users screen

Screenshot of Manage Users screen

Table 2 – Field Descriptions (Refer to Figure 5)
Search Search for existing users. This is especially useful for organisations that have large numbers of users.
Results This area will display a list of already registered existing users within your organisation.
Add User Select this button if you need to add a new user.

Refer to Task card 5 – Add a new user for instructions on how to add a new user.

3. Reference Data

The Reference data section is only for those organisations that perform bulk uploads into the Data Exchange. Files that contain all the Data Exchange codes can be downloaded through Reference data.

Select Reference data under the My Organisation heading.

Figure 6 – Reference data option

Screenshot of My organisation heading, Reference data link highlighted

The Reference data screen will display.

From this screen you can upload the XML schema, Outlet and Programme activity references, and other reference fields.

Figure 7 – Reference data screen

Screenshot of Reference data screen

4. Upload Files

Select Upload files under the My organisation heading.

Figure 8 – Uploaded files option

Screenshot of My organisation heading, Upload files link highlighted

The Uploaded files screen will display.

Figure 9 – Uploaded files screen

Screenshot of Uploaded files screen

More information on Reference Data and Bulk XML upload can be found in Task card 6 – Upload Methods and Bulk File Up Load Technical Specifications