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Data Exchange home page

The home page of the Data Exchange web-based portal has separate areas:

  1. Find – cases and clients.
  2. Add – cases, clients and sessions.
  3. My Organisation – access for Administrators only.
  4. Access MyDEX reports – access self-service report functionality for data entered by your organisation.
  5. Notifications – allows the Department to provide important updates to Data Exchange users

To access any of these areas, select either the action tile or hyperlink.

Figure 1 – Data Exchange home page
This is a screen shot of the Data Exchange home page highlighting the different functions available: 1. Find a client or case, 2. Add a client, case or session, 3. My organsation section, 4. MyDEX reports section, 5. Notifications icon/button

“I want to…” box

When you open a record (case, client or session) the “I want to…” box will display on most pages on the right hand side.

Links in this box are shortcuts to view or update records. There are also administrative functions that are only available to those with administrative access.

Figure 2 – I want to… box
This is a screen shot of the I want to box found on some of the Data Exchange screens.


Buttons and icons

Table 1 – Data Exchange web-based portal buttons and icons
Add Activity button Displays when priority data entry is complete and you have an option to enter Partnership Approach data. You may see buttons to add:

  • Referral sources and reasons.
  • Referrals to other services.
  • Client SCORE.
  • Community SCORE.
Attach selected clients button Displays when you have completed priority data entry on a session or case.

When you select clients you wish to add, select the Attach button to add them to the session or case.

Back button Displays when you have entered data and moved to a new data entry screen.

Select the Back button when you need to go back and correct data entered before the record is submitted.

Date picker icon The calendar function can be used when entering dates in any field or you can type them.

  • Select the calendar function icon to the right of the field.
  • Use the arrows to move back and forward through the months.
  • Select the relevant date – the field will be populated with that date.
Delete Case button Displays when you view a client, case or session record.

  • If you create a record in error use the Delete button to remove the record.
  • You must remove SCORE assessments before deleting sessions, and sessions before deleting cases. Any data for a previous reporting period cannot be deleted.
Delete icon The Delete icon displays on a client record when you select to edit a referral or SCORE for a session.
Drop down box The drop down box allows you to select information that has been pre-loaded.

  • Select the down arrow to display the list.
  • If the list is long you can scroll down to find the information, or type the first few letters of the word and select Enter.
Edit Attendees button Displays when you open a case, client or session record.

  1. Select the Edit button to make changes to a record.
  2. You may edit a record at any time within a reporting period.
Edit Icon The Edit icon displays on a client record when you select to edit a referral or SCORE entry.

Select on the edit icon to make changes to that record.

Expand record icon The Expand icon displays on all types of record lists (e.g.: client, case, outlet) to view more details on that record.

Select the expand icon to view a summary of data entered for a record.

hyperlinks Hyperlinks are used in many places on the Data Exchange web-based portal. Hyperlinked text is blue and underlined. When selected, hyperlinks will open a record or perform a task.
More Button Displays when you are viewing a record.

Select More to open up the record to display more detailed information.

Next Button Displays when you have completed a data entry step.

Select Next to go to the next step in a process.

This is a screen shot of the pagination function which displays the page bar at the bottom of a list of entries. If a record list (clients, cases, sessions, activities, users etc.) goes over more than one page you can move through the pages by using the paging/pagination function.

  • The total number of records is shown next to Results at the top of the list.
  • Select Next to go to the next page or select a page number to go to that page.
This is a screen shot of the Progress bar which shows the steps in any process you complete in the web-based portal. The Progress Bar displays at the top of data entry screens. It shows the steps in the data entry process and how many steps are needed to complete an action.
Add referral icon The Referrals icon displays a client’s record summary attached to a session. You can use this icon to add, delete or edit referrals to other services for a client.
Displays when clients have been added to a case or session.

Select Remove selected clients to detach clients that have been added to session or a case.

Review screen titile. The Review screen displays when data entry is complete for adding a client, case or session record and allows you too:

  • Examine information you have entered.
  • Select Back to correct any errors.
  • Select Cancel to stop adding the record.
  • Select Submit to process the data you have entered.
Save button Select Save to keep changes that you have made to records.
Add SCORE icon The SCORE icon displays on a client record summary attached to a session. You can use this icon to add, delete or edit SCORE assessment types (Goal, Circumstance or Satisfaction) for a client resulting from a session.
Show Box for more listings Show Pages allows you to choose how many records you wish to display on any page.

  • Go to the show box at the top right of any list.
  • Select via the drop down box the number of records to show on a page.
  • Select GO to change the view.
Sort list icon View a list of records in descending or ascending order by selecting the Sort icon.

Records are defaulted to show the most recently created record at the top.

Submit button Displays once you have completed data entry steps required to complete a case, session or client record.

Select Submit once you have reviewed and checked data you have entered.

Tick box A tick box is used to select a record to attach it to a case, session, outlet or user.

  • Check the box to select the record.
  • Select the Attach button to complete the attachment.

More information on outlets, clients, cases and sessions can be found in the Data Exchange Protocols and the Training resources tab.

For technical support; contact the Data Exchange Helpdesk by email or on 1800 020 283 between 08.30am – 5.30pm (AEST/AEDT) Monday to Friday.