Log in to the Data Exchange web-based portal

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Task card

This task card discusses the following:

  • Prior to accessing the Data Exchange
  • Accessing the Data Exchange for the first time
    • Step 1 – Log in to the Data Exchange
    • Step 2 – AUSkey Login screen
    • Step 3 – Request activation code
    • Step 4 – Confirm activation code
    • Step 5 – Finish screen
    • Step 6 – Data Exchange web-based portal home page
  • You must be registered with an AUSkey before you can request access to the Data Exchange.
  • Your AUSkey certificate and password will be provided to you via email by your AUSkey Administrator.
  • An AUSkey Administrator is different to a Data Exchange Organisation (DEX Org) Administrator.
  • A DEX Org Administrator must complete a User access request form and they can then create additional users in the Date Exchange web-based portal.
  • DEX Org Administrators cannot create another DEX Org Administrator.
  • The account activation process for the Data Exchange only needs to be completed once by all users.