New video

An exciting new animation has been developed that provides a quick and succinct overview of how the Data Exchange works to help organisations achieve stronger community outcomes. Please watch the new animated video and share it with your colleagues. This video provides an excellent introduction for anyone who is new to the Data Exchange, or it can be a useful reminder of why and how we measure client outcomes to help improve wellbeing in our communities.


Good outcomes are born of effective planning.

And, to plan well, you need the best information at your disposal.

The Data Exchange was introduced to provide clear and efficient pathways for how we collect, share and use data—we can all improve on the outcomes and wellbeing in our communities.

The Data Exchange gives you the opportunity to get a whole new perspective on your organisation.

A partnership with the Data Exchange means a genuine collaboration with the department begins.

You provide an extended set of data. And, in return, we provide you with an expansive suite of highly informative reports.

Not only can you see how your organisation is performing using benchmarking, you get vital socioeconomic information about your community and target populations and ways to help determine what other DSS services and resources your clients are accessing. And lots more, including the outcomes they are achieving.

These are deep, rich insights that will help you make more informed planning decisions provide better service delivery and achieve stronger community outcomes.

The partnership is all about gaining a better understanding of our clients, the pathways they take, and the outcomes they achieve.

Because, at the end of the day, it all comes back to using what we know, the best way we can to improve the wellbeing of the people in our communities.