Add a SCORE Assessment


Data Exchange web-based portal – User Task Card 12

This task card describes the process of how to add a client or community SCORE assessment to a session record under the Partnership Approach.

What is SCORE?

SCORE stands for Standard Client/Community Outcomes Reporting. It forms part of the Data Exchange Partnership Approach.

Client SCORE or Community SCORE

There are four different types of outcomes measured through SCORE to help tell the story of what has been achieved. There are three types of SCORE domains for individual clients (Circumstances, Goals and Satisfaction) and one for group/community activities (Community). Community has been designed to report outcomes being achieved for large group or community activities where it is not feasible to record the changes for individual members of the group or community.

Add a Client SCORE Step 1 – Select add client SCORE

There are two methods to add a client SCORE assessment:

Method 1

After adding a session:

  • From the Add a session – Finish screen select the SCORE ASSESSMENTS button.

Figure 1 – Partnership Approach data entry buttons

This is a screen shot of the Partnership Approach Banner

Method 2

From an existing session record:

  • Search for the relevant case and session then click on the SCORE icon on the client listing.

Step 2 – Enter assessment details

Once a session is entered a client SCORE can be added. If you wish to add a SCORE assessment for all clients involved in the session, each assessment must be entered separately.

A client SCORE assessment is recorded twice – towards the beginning of a case (Pre) and again towards the end (Post). Both the pre and post SCOREs should be recorded using the same domain so as to mark the measurable difference between.

Figure 2 – SCORE assessments
This image shows the SCORE assessment screen. Users can begin the add a client or a community SCORE process at this screen


Figure 3 – Add a client SCORE screen
This image shows the add a client SCORE screen. In this screen the user will need to add the client, the assessment phase and the assessment type.

Select the client you wish to record a SCORE assessment against from the drop down menu. Only clients who have attended the session are shown.

Select the assessment phase from the drop down box:

  • Pre-SCORE is used to assess the Client’s rating(s) before the activity starts.
  • Post-SCORE is used to assess the Client’s change throughout and after the activity. More than one Post-SCORE can be recorded for a long term activity if you wish to record progress.

Select the assessment type from the drop down box:

  • Circumstances
  • Goals
  • Satisfaction


  • The ratings that relate to the assessment type you have chosen will display.
  • For each rating there will be a numerical value of 1 to 5.

Figure 4 – Client circumstances domain
This image shows the Client circumstances domain, showing the circumstances and ratings.

Select a numerical value for any ratings for which you would like to record a SCORE assessment.

  • Select the rating which best represents the client’s activity and status. Please note you do not need to record SCORE assessments against each rating listed; only those applicable to your client.
  • To view a description of the ratings click the blue hyperlink in the top right hand corner.
  • Click SAVE.

The ratings and numerical values chosen will be listed under the client record on the client SCORE screen.

Figure 5 – Pre-SCORE record
This screenshot shows that a pre-SCORE has now been recorded. A user can click on the blue triangle on the rght hand side of the ribbon to drop-down further information as to which ratings and numerical values were chosen for the SCORE.

Add a Community SCORE

The Community SCORE is linked to three ratings which reflect changes that may occur for a group or community rather than individual clients. Community SCORE uses the same 1to 5 numerical value scale as client SCOREs.

Step 1 – Select the session

You can add a Community SCORE after adding a session or by selecting the session from within a case.

  • Open the session record.

Step 2 – Enter assessment details

Select the assessment phase (pre/post) from the drop down box.

Figure 6 – Add community SCORE screen
this image shows the add a community SCORE screen. It has the session details and a drop down box for assessment phase.

  • Click SAVE.
  • The ratings within the community SCORE will display.
  • Select a numerical value for one or all three ratings in the community domain.

Figure 7–Adding a community SCORE

This screen shows the add a community SCORE screen. The domains and ratings are shown.

Detailed information about client and community SCOREs, SCORE domains and SCORE ratings can be found in the Data Exchange Protocols Document